Agomoni ~ The Advent

দিকে দিকে আজ উঠবে বেজে মায়ের পদধ্বনি। শিশিরে শিশিরে শারদ আকাশে ভোরের আগমনী।


The Idol of goddess Durga never fails to mesmerize us. As the festivity draws closer, simple materials like clay,papier mache, hay and wood transform into finely detailed sculptures- all with their own symbols and meanings.The raw materials – sticky soil or Atha mati are brought for the purpose. Sticky in nature, it allows itself to be moulded in the shape which forms the exoskeleton of the idol.

The smaller idols are more difficult to create and require more effort and precision. The face of the Goddess is the most intricate part of the idol as the expressions of Durga never go unnoticed. Fierce yet serene, the face of the Devi is detailed with uttermost care. Like horse wearing blinkers, at this time the artisan only sees and feels what is at the end of his/her finger tips and his touch – his protima.

Thus, the face is moulded separately and fixed on the torso in line with the overall vision of the artisan which finally defines the physical form of Adi Parashakti.

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