For the first time in Gurgaon, a  Bangla Mela – a Bengali cultural fair and festival organised by Purbapalli Durgabari Samiti . Bengali culture is known for its vibrant traditions, literature, music, and art, and these fairs or melas are an important way for people to come together and celebrate their heritage. Such an events can be found in various parts of the world where Bengali communities reside.

“Bangla Mela” likely refers to a Bengali cultural fair or festival. “Bangla” refers to the Bengali language and culture, and “Mela” is a term used in South Asia to describe a fair or festival. This event typically features various cultural activities, including traditional music and dance performances, food stalls with regional cuisine, arts and crafts exhibitions, and serves as a platform to celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Bengali community.

Bangla Mela