Durga Puja, a major festival celebrated across India perhaps with an unprecedented gusto, pomp and splendor, has acquired a form that cuts across communities. A basic objective of this celebration, which marks victory of the good over evil, is to propitiate Shakti, the goddess in her aspect as power, to bestow upon everyone all auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge, wealth, all other potent powers and above all, the wisdom. During the days of Durga Puja, colorful idols turn various parts of the country into a glittering landscape and the sounds of dhak and dhol rev up the mood with joy.

Amidst the pandemic scenario, this years puja will not be the same as before and we are getting ready very differently, for the 33rd time, however with the same spirit as always.

The same spirit is experienced here in Gurgaon too, where since 1989, organizing Purbapalli Durgabari SamitiDurga Puja with equal pomp and splendor.

We request you to support us as always and donate generously so that we continue doing the best as always.
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Purbapalli Durgabari Samiti’s Durga Puja is one of the best known in Gurgaon and attracts huge gathering of devotees. The prime attraction are the idols of the mother goddess Durga that are an exhibition of master craftsmanship. A testimony to this popularity is the widespread media coverage of this Durga Puja even from the top-of-the-line medias including The Times of India and The Hindustan Times and various TV channels.

Besides Durga Puja, Purbapalli Durgabari Samiti also comes forward in contributing to larger social causes including education for the underprivileged children and various disaster relief programmes.

The activities of Purbapalli Durgabari Samiti are inclusive in spirit and transcends communities, beliefs and faiths We are also proudly keeping our Bangla Root alive by celebrating Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja, Sarswati Puja and of course Rabindra jayanti and Poila boisakh with equal spirit.